storing your grain on-farm

with a flexible stORage system

Over the past few years there has been a notable increase in the number of Australian farmers realising the benefits of managing their own grain stocks with a flexible on-farm storage system. 

Using only the best quality and market-leading on-farm storage equipment is a sound investment to reduce the chances of any unexpected dramas during the busy harvest period. SA Grain Services sells and hires only quality, market-leading on-farm storage equipment. 


We also offer an ongoing support service to all customers who purchase or hire our grain bagging equipment or other machinery, which for the grain inloaders and extractors includes a DVD showing how to prepare and bag on-site. Supervision can also be provided if required, at a small additional cost.  We also hold Demonstration Days, where you come to our sheds and paddocks and see the machinery and technology products in action.

On-farm storage is a cost-effective and adaptable alternative during harvest, providing growers with the option of being self-sustaining, taking advantage of market changes and the rising strength of the Australian dollar, as well as having unlimited storage during a bumper season and maximising general harvest efficiency.


Our products offer a new system of storing grains in a safe, economic, flexible and profitable way. We can design and build your complete GrainMaster Silos storage system, or offer flexible options for you to store your crops and/or pasture in grain bags on the fields from which they were harvested or any alternate area nearby. Your harvest efficiency is also enhanced by high performance and low cost auger/tubulator, bagging and extraction processes, using inloader and extractor machines which are easily transportable.