Notch Box Blades

Quality manufactured in the USA

This heavy duty finishing blade comes in a range of sizes (8ft-24ft) and can be fitted with a laser to final grade or re-laser paddocks. The 24ft model holds more than ten cubic metres of dirt when full. It tilts on both sides so it is great for cleaning out drains or grading tracks. This heavy duty blade is sure to impress when seen.

  • Size 8ft - 22” bucket

  • Size 8, 12, 14ft - 32” bucket

  • Size 12, 14, 16, 18, 20ft - 42” bucket

  • Size 24ft - 48” bucket

  • Tractor hp required 50hp - 300hp

  • Lift and tilt

  • Carries up to 10m3 of dirt

  • Great for final grading paddocks, re-lasering, land levelling, cleaning out drains or road grading