Grader Rear Blades.

Pivot Point Precision

Buehler Farm King has been building a wide variety of rear blades for several decades. These blades are built using more steel, which adds strength, longevity and durability to each blade.

Available at SA Grain Services in the 100 and 150 series, suitable for tractors operating to 100hp and 150hp, Farm King rear blades are capable of tackling tough scraping projects.

These rear blades have been precisely built, with particular attention to the pivot point. To minimize metal-on-metal wear and maximize blade longevity, the pivot point has been designed with tight tolerance and built to those specifications.

Series 100 & Series 150

  • Parking stand on each model

  • Reversible and replaceable cutting edges

  • Pivot Point Precision

  • 100 and 150hp

  • 3 hydraulic cylinders and hoses are standard on offset, angle and tilt

  • Mechanical linkage is optional for each adjustment

  • Dual gauge wheel kit is available for precision grading. Adjustable with a ratchet jack.

  • Cat II and III hitch

  • 5/16" x 18" box reinforced moldboard

  • 8', 9' widths - 100 series

  • 8', 9' or 10' widths - 150 series