Concrete Bunker Walls

Concrete bunker sides for grain storage, fertiliser, sand and gravel.


We can assist with storage design sizing and layout – ring us now!

Woven polypropylene or black plastic film for bunker flooring also available


  • 40Mpa vibrated concrete with non-rusting reinforcing

  • Concrete bunkers help preserve grain quality, not just 'stored on the ground'

  • Sell your OWN grain, rather than out of the receival point bunker

  • Strong sturdy walls and base which won't deteriorate, will last for years, and always be a saleable asset

  • Curved top edge is tarp/cover friendly, with an overhung lip to help keep cover secure and tight

  • Clamps and side timbers/RHS available

  • Covers and Liners are available to suit any size layout

  • Covers available in a variety of fabrics, depending upon your requirements, with all fabrics having a 3 year UV warranty

  • All seams are fully welded and seams run across the bunker. This increases the strength of the grain cover and also helps with water shedding from the cover


Length 3000mm

Width   550mm

Height  1000mm

Weight 1.2 T


Range from 2400mm length

1200mm or 2000mm height


Length  1200mm

Width    1200mm

Height   2100mm